Yamaha Rightwaters reinforces Yamaha’s long-standing dedication to preserving the natural resources we have today so that our customers can continue to enjoy them tomorrow. We are committed to focusing efforts toward sustainability from our factory floors to the great outdoors.

Our Commitment to


Through education, partnership, advocacy and leadership, Yamaha Rightwaters™ champions environmental stewardship and supports marine habitat restoration, invasive species control and scientific research.

01. Marine Stewardship

Research and Advocacy

Yamaha Rightwaters is partnering with local environmental groups, organizing community cleanups and investing in technology to remove marine plastic and other debris throughout coastal areas, as well as support habitat restoration for marine life. Rightwaters aims to increase the available habitat needed for a healthy and sustainable marine environment.

02. Manufacturing

State of the Art Facilities

Yamaha is committed to environmental leadership that preserves resources locally and globally. To do this, we're developing innovative manufacturing processes with a constant goal to reduce and reuse waste.

03. Product Responsibility

Education and Responsible Use

Yamaha WaterCraft is at the forefront of promoting product education and responsibility, ensuring that new and existing Yamaha WaveRunner and Boat owners use their products responsibly on the water, which is paramount to the future of recreational boating.


In action


Yamaha Marine Fought for Coalition Conservation Victories in 2020

Marine stewardship

Yamaha Marine, along with trade and conservation organizations, worked last year during the 116th Congress to ensure the conservation of U.S. waterways, promote responsible angler practices and increase access to federal land and waterways. The legislation signed into law in 2020 and early 2021 is the result of efforts from many entities promoting conservation and sustainability while achieving access for fishing and boating.


Bahama Plastics

Marine Stewardship

Yamaha held a national dealer meeting in Nassau, The Bahamas, where Yamaha donated to the Bahamas Plastic Movement. This worthy organization specializes in partnering with youth to end plastic pollution on the islands and is an active member of the international Plastic Pollution Coalition.


Yamaha Teams Up With University of Florida

Marine Stewardship

Yamaha Rightwaters, with Skeeter Boats, provided a SX2250 center console boat for scientists in the University’s Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience. Scientists will use the boat and outboard to conduct a study on redfish activities and numbers to gather better data on the species in Northern Florida.

The Bonds for Creating and Sharing Kando

Yamaha employees and community members work together towards the goal of creating a thriving and sustainable society to live, work and play in.


Supporting Education and Community

Education and support of our local schools is very important to success and sustainability. With the use of Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility's Environmental Recycling Fund, we're able to support community and education programs, conservation projects, charity donations, and college scholarships.


Yamaha Sponsored Coweta County Schools for Water Education (pre COVID)

Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility sponsors the Coweta Stem Institute for a variety of events to help promote interest and enthusiasm in science and the technologies, particularly among elementary and middle school students.


Yamaha Sponsors Greenpower Goblin Racing Team

Greenpower runs engineering challenges for schools based around designing and building a single seat electric powered race car to help advance education in sustainable technlogy.


Water Education for Teachers

Each year, Yamaha sponsors the Coweta Industrial Fellowship for Teachers to allow local educators to learn about manufacturing, environmental science, energy, and safety programs at Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility.


Hornling Taiwan (Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility Belt Supplier) donated 2,000 fabric masks to Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility Newnan in April 2020.


Hope the COBOT

As a result of COVID-19, Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility has needed to increase energy use for increased factory air turn over for employee safety. To combat this, Yamaha WaveRunners Manufacturing Facility installed a pilot collaborative robot on the WaveRunner assembly line that uses less electrical energy than traditional industrial robots.

Working to create a sustainable future in
harmony with nature