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375 LBS
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It’s a Wave. It’s a Challenge. It’s SuperJet.

Once reserved for the race community, the SuperJet is transforming a new generation of stand up riders looking for the next big thing.

2021 SuperJet feature adjustable handle pole

Adjustable Handle Pole

Three-position adjustable handlepole can extend up to 50mm in length.

2021 SuperJet feature jet pump nozzle

Jet Pump Nozzle

The SuperJet® hull is designed for greater static and dynamic stability while maintaining the SuperJet’s® thrilling turning abilities. To do that, the turn angle of the adjustable steering nozzle can be set at either 16-degrees to 19-degrees.

2021 SuperJet feature TR1 marine engine

Class-leading Yamaha TR-1® Engine

Yamaha marine engines have an unmatched reputation for reliability, recognized by boating enthusiasts for their dependability, robust power and fuel efficient design.

2021 SuperJet feature fuel tank

Large Fuel Tank and Fuel Level Meter

Features a 5.0-gallon fuel tank for plenty of range along with a Low Fuel meter and L-MODE for novice riders.

2021 SuperJet feature ultra light hull white

Ultra-Light Hull

142 pounds lighter and 8.8 inches shorter than its competition.

2021 SuperJet feature reboarding handle

Reboarding Handle with Padded Foot Tray

Extra comfort plus easier to reboard from the water.

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Freestyle Series Reviews

JetBlaster review

New to the Yamaha WaveRunner line in 2022 is the fun and exciting JetBlaster that delivers a playful, freestyle riding experience like no other sitdown watercraft before.The three elements that make the JetBlaster so much fun to ride are its raised, lightweight performance handlebars, foot chocks placed where the footwells meet the stern, and a custom-tuned electric trim that allows the rider to tailor the riding characteristics of the watercraft.


“The look and feel of this sitdown watercraft catch your immediate attention (talk about nostalgia), but the three main features that set it apart are its raised lightweight performance handlebars for stand-up riding, foot chocks placed near the rear and custom-tuned electric trim that allow the rider to really turn it up.”

- Morgan Burchell, Boating Magazine


“Everything about this says leave your friends on the shore find out how good you can do donuts on this.”

- Mike Finnegan, Finnegan's Garage, Motor Trend


“Part gokart and part stunt craft, Yamaha’s newest addition (JetBlaster) to the WaveRunner lineup is an absolute riot.”

-Kevin Shaw, Watercraft Journal

SuperJet review

One of my favorite things about this new SuperJet is the three-position adjustable handle pole. This is easily adjusted to fit your size and riding style. The handle pole can extend up to 50mm for taller riders. This new hull features race inspired handlebars and a wide padded foot tray with an integrated reboarding holder.


SuperJet review

The new SuperJet commits to deliver on the promise of a true “physically-challenging, athletic riding experience” while being fuel-efficient and environmentally superior to its predecessor – and at a staggering $9,499 MSRP.

- Kevin Shaw, Watercraft Journal

SuperJet review

The looks will immediately attract attention, with a taller, much more blunt bow design and aftermarket-style handle pole.

- Jeff Hemmel,

SuperJet review

Thirty years after the first stand-up WaveRunner, the 650 SuperJet, was introduced, the SuperJet returns with a hull that Yamaha says is 142 lbs. (64.41 kg) lighter and 8.8” (22.35 cm) shorter than the competition and it’s powered by a four-stroke TR-1 engine. It’s fed by a 5-gallon (18.93 -liter) fuel tank and there’s a low-fuel meter on the deck.


SuperJet review

Yamaha's newest stand-up jet ski is designed to challenge first-time riders and seasoned pros alike. Thirty years after Yamaha introduced its first stand-up WaveRunner, the all-new SuperJet arrives with a four-stroke TR-1 marine engine that is lightweight but with the power that stand-up riders love.

- Uncrate

2021 Superjet Boating Mag Review

It's been completely revamped from the ground up to be much more approachable for a whole new generation of rider. now when I say approachable I mean approachable I probably haven't ridden a stand up in about 15 years and within five minutes I was up and running and that's largely thanks to the l mode that brings the power level of the machine down so you can sharpen your skills or learn as complete beginner from the ground up.

- Craig Kotilinek, Boating Magazine

SuperJet review

Each of these snow-white beauties boasts a 1,049cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, a 144 mm high-pressure pump system, and a lightweight VaRTM fiberglass hull.” “Weighing in at 375 pounds, the Superjet is one of the lighter stand-up jet skis on the market, and also comes with an adjustable-height handle pole and a fully functional standing area.

- Maxim

SuperJet review

[…]the 2021 SuperJet is more powerful that ever with a 1,049cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, and a 144mm high-pressure pump system. 

The 2021 SuperJet checks all the boxes when it comes to sportiness, speed, functionality, and style.

- StupidDope

SuperJet review

Sure, the SuperJet is a sleek, attractive offering…boasts a 1,049cc four-stroke TR-1 marine engine, a 144mm high pressure pump system, and a lightweight VaRTM fiberglass hull, and deck, allowing a single rider to rocket across the surface of the water with ease.

Clocking in at 375 pounds, the SuperJet may very well be one of the industry’s most lightweight models, complementing its adjustable-height handle pole, functional standing area, and sport-savvy demeanor.

- HiConsumption

SuperJet review

2021 Yamaha SuperJet Yamaha's stand-up personal watercraft puts over 100 horsepower at your disposal, allowing you to blast through water at over 53 mph.

This, however, is no ordinary watercraft, with a powerful engine that produces upwards of 100 horsepower, making it a more engaging, more challenging ride that will keep you on your toes with exhilarating acceleration, thrilling turns, and wild jumps every single ride.


SuperJet review

For 2021, the Yamaha SuperJet returns all-new from the ground up to challenge a new generation of stand-up riders with a torquey four-stroke Yamaha marine engine and nimble performance hull that is 142 pounds lighter and 8.8 inches shorter than its competition.   

- Prorider Magazine

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