The World's First Dual Throttle Handlebar Control System

RiDE™ offers the world's first dual throttle handlebar controls on a personal watercraft. Pull the right handle lever and you accelerate, pull the left lever and you go in reverse. Pull the left lever at speed to decelerate. Pull them both, or in any combination, and the system recognizes your intentions and provides precise control at all speeds all the time. Release both levers and you shift to neutral. There's no manual shifting, no gears, no complicated process.

The results are in

"RiDE™ provides a level of control that enhances the entire experience and will be a welcomed addition for both novice and experienced rider. We also think [RiDE] will make PWCs even more popular."

(Excerpted from boattest.com)


Award-Winning System

Yamaha RiDE technology was the recipient of the National Marine Manufacturers' Association (NMMA) Innovation Award in the Personal Watercraft category for "Exhibit[ing] innovative distinction from other products currently manufactured in the marine industry."

Watch it in action

More control and stability