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Yamaha Financial Services FAQ

What happened to my Installment Loan account I had with Synchrony?

On January 11th, 2020, Yamaha Financial Services transferred accounts originated under the prior Synchrony Financial/Yamaha program to a new servicer. While there were some initial servicing transition issues, those have since been resolved and all normal operations have resumed.

How can I access my account to view my account information or make a payment?

You can register your account with our new servicer at www.yamaha.1stassociates.com or you can call 1-888-787-5565 to speak with an agent. (Monday-Friday 6:00am-7:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 8:00am-3pm Pacific Time)

Will my automatic bill pay through my bank or Synchrony continue through my new servicer?

Unfortunately, your current automatic bill pay to Synchrony will be discontinued. If you would like to continue with automatic bill pay with your new servicer, please login into www.yamaha.1stassociates.com to set up a new automatic bill pay or complete the form that was inserted with the welcome letter that you received.

I was unable to make a payment during the transition, what should I expect in my next statement?

We do apologize if your due date was during our initial service transition period and you were unable to make a payment. Please rest assured that all late fees during the transition period were waived, and we will not be reporting to the Credit Bureaus until your account status is up to date. If you haven’t already, you will be receiving an updated account statement that will reflect no late fee; however, you will notice that two payments are now due.