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Yamaha Elevates Yamalube Oil to a 'Liquid Engine Component'
WaveRunners oil yamalube liquid engine component

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Made for Your Yamaha WaveRunner

An engine is nothing without the oil to lubricate its many parts and components.

In developing its oil, Yamaha considers Yamalube oil to be a genuine “liquid engine component,” and has gained considerable knowledge and expertise through its many years of research since its founding into the relationship between oil and mechanical components.

“At Yamaha, there is no single department in charge of oil,” said Mike Ricciardi, Yamaha WaterCraft Product Development Manager. “Rather, oil development is carried out by engineers in charge of developing and building our engines.”

Leave it to the Experts

According to Ricciardi, the engineers at Yamaha working on the mechanical aspects of the engine are the ones that formulate the oil the engines will eventually use, and that this approach dates back to the 1970s when the number of model variations in the lineup was growing, and engines were steadily achieving higher and higher performance.

“We have taken extraordinary steps in the development of Yamalube lubricants,” said Ricciardi. “We have our own oil certification committee. This group brings together both our own chemical engineers and the very same team event who design our engines having access to proprietary specifications about our engines. This group has an unmatched pool of knowledge from which to draw in creating oil formulas that far exceed all other competitive brands.”

It makes a Difference

Visually, oil for personal watercraft and boats and oil for cars doesn’t look very different, but there are significant differences in how they are used.

As marine engines are for use on the water, rust prevention is one obvious concern, but the biggest is the load these engines are subjected to being that its common practice to run marine engines at full throttle for hours on end.

“Our Yamalube oil for Yamaha WaveRunner and Boat engines is blended specifically to deliver enhanced protection and durability as well as peace of mind on the water,” said Ricciardi. “As our boats and PWC evolve, Yamalube is the only line of care products that can keep up.”