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How to Peform a Post-Ride Check of Your WaveRunner Presented by Yamalube
WaveRunners 2019 post ride checklist

Post ride maintenance will help ensure that your WaveRunner is ready the next time you want to ride. This is even more important if the unit has been used in saltwater environments. Flushing the engine is very important.

Flush your WaveRunner

With the WaveRunner sitting level, attach the flush hose connector to the engine. A valve installed on the hose will make turning the water on and off much easier.

Start the engine first and then turn on the water. Run the engine for about three minutes and then turn off the water slowly. Rev the engine slowly a few times, not exceeding 4,000 RPMs, to clear the exhaust of water and stop the engine. It’s important to follow the steps in this order; if not engine damage can occur.

Open the stern drain valves and thoroughly rinse the bilge engine and jet unit. Be sure and look for any damage while you do. Yamalube Bilge Cleaner is an excellent way to keep the interior of your WaveRunner clean.

Your local  Yamaha dealer also sells a Yamalube Marine Detail Kit. This kit contains everything you will need to keep the exterior paint and plastics of your WaveRunner looking their best for years to come.

Let it Drain

Next, you want to raise the bow to allow all the water to drain out and will enable the unit to dry. Spray the engine liberally with Yamalube Silicone Spray. This will help keep the external rubber parts of your engine from drying out over time and help prevent salt corrosion on the engine. This is important even in freshwater environments.

If your WaveRunner is going to be stored for an extended period be sure to disconnect the battery and preferably remove it from the unit and keep it on a trickle charger; top off the fuel tank and add Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner; one ounce to three gallons for normal use.

If the unit is not going to be used in the next 60 days, change the ratio to one ounce to one gallon. This will help keep your fuel fresh and potent. Yamalube Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner Plus is designed to work specifically with ethanol fuels.

And if this is the end of your riding season, you should have your Yamaha dealer change your engine oil and use Yamaha fogging oil before you put it into storage.

The simple post-ride routine will keep your WaveRunner ready to ride.