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featured 09.18.2023
Yamaha WaveRunner® Racing Wins P1 AquaX Pro Enduro Championship Dustin Farthing Takes Home 2023 Tour Title
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Yamaha WaveRunner Racing dominated the P1 AquaX Pro Enduro Championships held this weekend in Kissimmee, Florida, with Dustin Farthing and Tory Snyder finishing 1-2 in the tour standings, respectively.

Yamaha FX SVHO® rider Chris McCluggage, who began the season on a Sea-Doo RXP®-X but returned to the Yamaha FX SVHO, won the fourth and final round of the tour, with Farthing Racing’s Deven Farthing and Dustin Farthing completing the Round 4 podium sweep.

The tour title and Round 4 win keep Yamaha’s unbeaten streak in P1 AquaX Pro Enduro Racing alive. Yamaha has not lost a weekend overall or tour championship in the modern P1 AquaX Pro Enduro racing era.

“We couldn’t be more excited and proud of Dustin and Tory for their dedication this summer,” said Yamaha WaveRunner Racing team manager Bryce Parker. “Farthing Racing and Snyderbuilt Racing did a great job prepping their Yamaha racecraft week after week, and they proved again  that the FX SVHO and the GP SVHO™️ are the fastest and most reliable PWC in Pro Enduro open ocean racing.” 

Pro Enduro racing is a test of rider skill and mechanical endurance. A rider must have stamina and strength to go the distance, and their equipment's reliability is just as important. There are three motos that last 30 minutes plus 1 lap.