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The Watercraft Journal Reviews The 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO
Watercraft Journal reviews the 2020 FX Cruiser SVHO

The Watercraft Journal's Kevin Shaw walks us through key features of the Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO with an all-new industry-first touchscreen and customizable multi-mount. 

[Excerpted from the Watercraft Journal, June 24th, 2019]

"The 2019 Yamaha FX Cruiser SVHO, while always at the pinnacle of Yamaha’s premium luxury WaveRunner lineup starting at $16,199, is completely new this year with a plethora of performance and rider comfort. On the performance side, the new 2019 FX lineup borrows hull design from Yamaha’s race-bred GP1800R as well as tried-and-true admirable aspects of previous FX models. The new FX Cruiser weighs in at 820 pounds dry. While still being the largest flagship model, it remains svelte using Yamaha’s NanoXcel2 composite technology which both lightens and strengthens the WaveRunner’s hull over traditional composite layup."

"The 2019 model is 16-pounds lighter than the 2018 FX Cruiser SVHO while increasing dimensions slightly to 140.9-inches long, 50-inches wide, and 48.4-inches tall (not to mention adding storage from 33.2-gallons to 44-gallons). "

"Speaking of power-to-weight, similarities with the GP1800R do not stop at the hull. The FX SVHO Cruiser shares the same supercharged high output 1,812cc four-stroke engine as the race-winning GP1800R. Your throttle hand will appreciate grunty bottom-end torque provided by an industry leading displacement. "

"Moving to the 2019 FX Cruiser SVHO’s creature comforts, the “Cruiser” moniker originates from a stadium style (successive levels higher than the previous) three-tiered seat standard for Cruiser and SVHO Limited models. Wrapped in stitched material, the seat is both comfortable and effective at keeping riders planted even in the roughest conditions. "

"That is the world of luxury we currently reside in though, and the FX lineup is a premium example of melding performance with comfort."

"Worthy of taking a flagship luxury role, other significant rider amenities in the cockpit of the 2019 FX Cruiser SVHO include a customizable RAM mount on the left, which can be interchanged with the right side Hydro-Turf lined cup holder. The RAM mount accepts a variety of mobile accessories including Yamaha’s optional speaker units ($299) and fish finder ($249), which are available standard on the 2019 FX Limited SVHO."

 "The larger FX was perfectly composed dropping into the narrow single-vehicle neighborhood boat ramp. A touch on the left lever brought the FX smoothly in reverse off the trailer, letting go of both levers left the ski to idle in place while maintaining steering to turn in the narrow waterway, and light pressure on the right throttle lever nudged the FX out toward open water."

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