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Mike Finnegan from Finnegan’s Garage, Motor Trend puts the All-New JetBlaster to the test

 [Excerpted from Mike Finnegan, August 17th, 2021]

“This is called the JetBlaster and this is a personal watercraft that they built basically for people like me you could put two people on this maybe even three but why do that when there's footholds.”

“It has aluminum bars that are mounted up high kind of like a dirt bike.”

“Everything about this says leave your friends on the shore find out how good you can do donuts on this.”

“There's fun to be had there too so other than that this has the four stroke one liter Yamaha tr1 ho marine motor which is a beast.”

“I'm super fired up to find out what happens when we play with this, we are going to have the time of our lives.”

See the full video here.