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Kevin Shaw from the Watercraft Journal takes a closer look at the All-New JetBlaster, full-featured FX Series & innovative RecDeck Platform

The Watercraft Journal gets an in-depth look at Yamaha’s All-New JetBlaster, redesigned FX Series and the new and versatile FX RecDeck Platform.

[Excerpted from The Watercraft Journal, August 17th, 2021]

“Part gokart and part stunt craft, Yamaha’s newest addition (JetBlaster) to the WaveRunner lineup is an absolute riot.”

“The TR-1 HO provides plenty of grunt to get the ‘Blaster up to speed, enough to lay the WaveRunner hard on its rail and powerslide its NanoXcel 2 hull 10-to-20 feet across the water. It’s super-squirrelly and hyper responsive to body English. So snapping the tail loose, roosting friends, and spinning 360’s are child’s play – the ‘Blaster makes it easy. Weighing in at 549-pounds, the JetBlaster joins the 4-stroke SuperJet in Yamaha’s new “Freestyle” category.”

“Changes to the FX lineup are dramatic – even without the massive upgrade to the infotainment system. The reshaped ride plate brings the FX to plane quicker; the relocated sponsons bite stronger in a hard lean-in turns. The SMC fiberglass hull absorbs the surface chatter, mutes the bumps and reduces vibration in a big way. All stellar changes.”

See the videos here.