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Boating Magazine Buyer's Guide Review of the 2019 Yamaha FX Limited SVHO
Boating Magazine Buyers Guide Review of the 2019 FX LIMITED SVHO

Boating Magazine Editor Randy Vance walks us through key features of the Yamaha 2019 FX Limited SVHO, including an all-new deck and hull design, industry’s first color touchscreen instrumentation, and new RAM® Multi-Mount System for accessories

[Excerpted from Boating Magazine, November 9th, 2019]

"Yamaha’s flagship WaveRunner, the FX Limited SVHO, combines performance, handling, luxury and a collection of limited-edition amenities that separate it from the pack.

The FX hull handles a wide variety of water conditions, from a carve on morning glass to ocean waves and rollers. Cranking the bars reveals a smooth transition into turns with an intuitive inside lean. In rougher waters, the hull tracks straight as an arrow with nary a wander or glitch to be found. Electric trim fine-tunes the hull attitude to the conditions, as well as puts more hull in the water when making those aggressive turns. Raising the trim enhances the craft’s top speed."

"At 1,812 cc, the engine below the saddle is the largest-displacement offering in the PWC industry. It benefits from both a supercharger and an intercooler to pump cool, condensed air into the cylinders. That engine is housed within a hull manufactured from Yamaha’s lightest-weight NanoXcel 2 construction material to fully maximize the horsepower-to-weight ratio. "

"New-for-’19 tech accessories include waterproof wireless EcoXGear Bluetooth speakers, Garmin GPS fish finder with through-hull transducer, and a beverage mount. The included watersports package gives you a tow rope, a tube holder, and a single-passenger inflatable with 12-volt inflater and outlet. Dry bags for gear and phone, fenders, pull-up cleats, and a custom colorway with matching cover round out the offerings."

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