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Boating Mag Reviews The All-New FX Series
Boating Mag Reviews All New FX Series

Jeff Hemmel talks about the 2019 FX Series, this year with an industry first touchscreen, and multi-mount system that allows the user to customize their ride. 

[Excerpted from Boating Magazine, June 17th, 2019]

"This personal watercraft performs with a crew of three."

 "Yamaha retained the FX’s masculine feel but streamlined the bow. Gone is the massive, triangular impression left by the oversize stowage lid and integral rearview mirrors. The updated design physically and visually narrows the front of the craft. Interestingly, that visual may be sleeker, but Yamaha actually increased the compartment’s capacity by almost 9 gallons. "

"Perhaps the most intriguing change, however, is in how owners can now accessorize the craft—and how Yamaha incorporates these accessories without commitment to a permanent feature. Cup holders prove key.Owners can further accessorize with items such as an action camera. The availability of music in particular brings the FX Limited in line with Sea-Doo’s GTX Limited ($17,099), a comparable luxury flagship three-seater with a permanently integrated sound system as well as modular saddle and platform accessory mounts. Both approaches allow these craft to be tailored more than ever to the needs of their owners."

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