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featured 09.01.2020
Yamaha's All-New SuperJet Featured on Uncrate

For 2021, the Yamaha SuperJet returns all-new from the ground up to challenge a new generation of stand-up riders. Uncrate walks us through the iconic SuperJet that is powered by Yamaha’s award-winning, three-cylinder, four-stroke TR-1 marine engine 

No longer reserved for professional racers and requiring a racing license, the new 2021 SuperJet will find appeal with a wide audience including the race community but also among recreational riders looking for a new thrill. 

[Excerpted from the Uncrate, August 13th 2020]

“Yamaha's newest stand-up jet ski is designed to challenge first-time riders and seasoned pros alike. Thirty years after Yamaha introduced its first stand-up WaveRunner, the all-new SuperJet arrives with a four-stroke TR-1 marine engine that is lightweight but with the power that stand-up riders love.”

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