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featured 04.21.2024
Yamaha WaveRunner Racing Sweeps P1 AquaX Tour Opener
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Yamaha WaveRunner Racing swept all three professional and amateur classes this weekend at the 2024 P1 AquaX Tour opener in Daytona Beach, Florida. Yamaha Monster Energy Farthing Racing Dustin Farthing and his Yamaha FX SVHO led the way, claiming the overall victory with his outstanding 1-1-2 finishes in the premier Pro Enduro class.

His teammate and son, Deven Farthing, also shined, finishing second overall, placing 2-5-1. Currently ranked third in the world, Deven has proven to be one of the sport's fastest and most consistent young riders.

Yamaha Monster Energy Snyderbuilt Racing's Tory Snyder, ranked second globally, overcame an initial fifth-place setback. He finished strong in Races 2 and 3, with second and third places, respectively, earning him a third-place overall finish for the weekend.

In all, Yamaha Pro Enduro riders took nine of the top ten spots, showcasing the superior capabilities of Yamaha WaveRunners in challenging conditions.

In Amateur 300 racing action, Yamaha GP SVHO rider Noah Skipps finished 1-1-1 for the overall win, and Yamaha FX HO rider Copper Caldwell finished first overall in the Amateur 200 class. 

"This weekend was a testament to the strength and versatility of our riders and the superior engineering of Yamaha WaveRunners compared to the other brands on the race course. Their ability to dominate in the challenging Daytona Beach surf is proof of our team's hard work in the off-season and the high-performance level of our watercraft. We're thrilled with the results and looking forward to the rest of the season," said Bryce Parker, Yamaha WaveRunner Racing Manager.