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featured 08.17.2021
Yamaha WaterCraft introduces all-new JetBlaster WaveRunner, refines FX Series WaveRunners, and adds innovative RecDeck accessory line
Yamaha JetBlaster riding fast on lake

KENNESAW, GA ─ AUGUST 17, 2021 ─ Yamaha WaterCraft Group, a division of the Yamaha U.S. Marine Business Unit, today unveiled an all-new WaveRunner for the freestyle crowd, a refined FX® WaveRunner® Series with ground-breaking technology, and an innovative accessory platform that expands the versatility of FX WaveRunner models.

“Consumers are looking to use their WaveRunners in all new ways on the water, whether it’s a touring adventure, all day cruising and lounging, watersports, or fishing,” said Bryan Seti, general manager of Yamaha’s WaterCraft Group. “We wanted to create a WaveRunner line and related accessories that power our consumers’ passion for the water.  The new JetBlaster® revolutionizes how you can ride a sitdown watercraft.   Our new FX Series pushes the bounds of luxury, tech and performance.  And our all new RecDeck™ offers a new level of customization for anything our customers can dream of doing on the water.”

All-New JetBlaster WaveRunner – Born to Cause a Little Chaos

The fun and exciting JetBlaster (MSRP $9,999) delivers a playful, freestyle riding experience like no other watercraft before it. The JetBlaster is the newest addition to Yamaha's youthful Freestyle Series that includes the four-stroke powered SuperJet® stand up WaveRunner.

The JetBlaster's taller, wider handlebars allow the rider to have more leverage over the bars, and new performance grips reduce hand slippage and fatigue.

The addition of foot chocks placed where the footwells meet the stern provide a secure stance when riding standing up and effectively transfer body weight input to the hull when riding freestyle.

The new custom-tuned Electric Trim feature allows the rider to transform the JetBlaster's riding characteristics from serious to playful and everywhere in between.

This Electric Trim, exclusive to the JetBlaster, is tuned to give the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins, and whatever athletic riding the rider wishes.

Powering the JetBlaster is the three-cylinder 1 Liter Yamaha TR-1® HO Marine Engine that is the most powerful motor in a compact-size watercraft today.

Refined 2022 FX Series with Larger Infotainment Screen, Audio Package

The best-selling luxury-performance personal watercraft series returns with significant enhancements that further distance the Yamaha FX Series (starting at MSRP $14,299) from its competition.

New features include a 7" or 5" full-featured infotainment system with a glass color touchscreen, premium factory-installed audio speakers, and Drive® Control with Auto Trim that allows the operator to set and save preferred trim modes for performance or comfort riding.

Both screen sizes feature GPS-ready mapping with geo-fencing (GPS map cards are sold separately and available through Yamaha WaveRunner dealers). With the optional GPS map card installed, the operator can add and follow GPS waypoints, record and follow tracks, and geofence the riding area where the watercraft can be operated.

This new Connext® system features complete audio connectivity through the rider's smartphone. Riders can receive incoming phone calls and view incoming text message notifications on the Connext screen.

Also, there is a new Drive Control functionality that allows the operator to set and save different trim modes for performance or comfort, set top speed limits, and designate preferred acceleration curves.

Other significant enhancements to the FX Series deck are the new larger capacity, watertight glovebox that includes a dedicated area for a smartphone, a USB port, a 12V power outlet, and LED lighting.

Also added are new ergonomically designed handlebars and a new steering column design that includes integrated rope hooks for added convenience.

For the first time, the FX Series is available with factory-installed, custom integrated audio speakers so your music doesn’t have to stop when you leave the dock. The package includes twin, 4.5” waterproof marine speakers, an integrated two-channel amplifier, an easy access control pad, and an integrated low-voltage regulator to protect the battery.

New, Innovative RecDeck Platform Transforms What You Can Do On the Water

An exciting new accessory option for the Yamaha FX Series is the innovative RecDeck platform that integrates with the stern platform and reboarding ladder brackets to enable a wide range of new accessory packages that expand the versatility of the FX line like nothing else in the industry.

The padded RecDeck is finished with MarineMat and includes four cleats that connect the adjustable Multi-Use Rack accessory (sold separately). The Multi-Use Rack expands to fit most coolers, and it also serves as the seat structure for the Lounge & Beach seat accessory.

Available accessory options for the RecDeck are the JetFish™ Packages, the Lounging Package, and Tow Sports Package.

Other Yamaha WaveRunner models return with exciting new colors and graphics. The Yamaha Boats line returns with a handful of updates along with exciting new colors and graphics. Yamaha's 2022 product lines and accessories can be viewed at and