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featured 08.17.2021
All-new freestyle experience is like no other sitdown watercraft
Yamaha JetBlaster relaxing in water

New to the Yamaha WaveRunner line in 2022 is the fun and exciting JetBlaster that delivers a playful, freestyle riding experience like no other sitdown watercraft before.

The three elements that make the JetBlaster so much fun to ride are its raised, lightweight performance handlebars, foot chocks placed where the footwells meet the stern, and a custom-tuned electric trim that allows the rider to tailor the riding characteristics of the watercraft.

Raised, Lightweight Handlebars for Stand-up Riding

The JetBlaster's taller, wider handlebars allow the rider to have more leverage over the bars, and new performance grips reduce hand slippage and fatigue. Small switch boxes give the JetBlaster a cleaner look.

Finishing the handlebars are Yamaha's RiDE® dual throttle controls. RiDE is the most intuitive driving experience on the water. Squeeze the right handlebar throttle lever to go forward. Squeeze the left lever for reverse. At speed, the left handlebar lever will slow down the watercraft. Release both levers, and the watercraft is in neutral.

Integrated Foot Chocks Add to the Thrills

The addition of foot chocks placed where the footwells meet the stern provide a secure stance when riding standing up and effectively transfer body weight input to the hull when riding freestyle.

Electric Trim Transforms JetBlaster Ride from Playful to Planted

The new custom-tuned Electric Trim feature allows the rider to transform the JetBlaster's riding characteristics from serious to playful and everywhere in between.

This Electric Trim, exclusive to the JetBlaster, is tuned to give the rider the ability to pop out of the water, do spins, and whatever athletic riding the rider wishes.

Award-Winning Yamaha Marine Engine

Powering the JetBlaster is the three-cylinder 1L Yamaha TR-1 HO Marine Engine that is the most powerful motor in a compact-size watercraft today. Feeding this award-winning motor is a 13-gallon fuel tank allowing for a full day of riding.

Nimble Handling with Snappy Throttle Response

Under the waterline is a performance hull design that is manufactured to precise tolerances. This ultra-lightweight, durable hull delivers excellent stability for two or three-up riding and towing but truly comes alive when riding solo and standing up.

Included on the JetBlaster is a top-loader intake grate that increases jet pump hook-up and decreased cavitation and a 40mm jet pump extension that increases acceleration response.

Completing the JetBlaster are bold colors and graphics that bring out the best in the JetBlaster's sporty profile. And like all Yamaha WaveRunners, the JetBlaster is manufactured with the same high-quality craftsmanship, reliability, and durability that Yamaha WaveRunners are renowned for across the globe.


Engine Type:               4-stroke, 3-cylinder, 1.0L TR-1 HO Yamaha Marine Engine

Displacement:            1049cc

Pump:                         144mm high pressure

Impeller:                     3-blade, stainless steel

Length:                        123.6”

Beam:                          44.5”

Height:                        46.5”

Fuel Capacity:             13.2 gallons, regular unleaded fuel

Person Capacity:         1-3 persons

Hull Material:             Ultra-lightweight SMC fiberglass