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Although Newport, RI is best-known as a sailing center, the ocean and surrounding areas of the island it inhabits (Aquidneck Island) offer the outdoor enthusiast many options to explore.

Middletown, Newport's next-door neighbor, is home to beautiful beaches, unspoiled oceanfront nature centers, and wildlife sanctuaries. Newport's proximity to the warm Gulf Stream current coming up the Florida coast keeps temperatures relatively mild even through the fall months.

Close to shore, many visitors are amazed at the variety of marine creatures swimming just under the surface. During the summer months, the Gulf Stream even brings tropical fish that way, and it is not uncommon to see these brightly-colored fish swimming around in the 70+° waters off Newport's shores.

Newport's climate is unusual for New England and very temperate due to the relatively consistent ocean temperatures from day to day.

Because of this ocean effect, you can expect cooler than average temperatures in late spring and warmer than average temperatures from September until Christmas, extending the boating season well into October most years.

During the summer months, the harbor is often filled to capacity between dockage and moorings, and boating around the port to admire the yachts is a fun way to spend a day.

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