Introducing the All-New RecDeck

Introducing the RecDeck

All New Feature

The innovative RecDeck platform integrates with the swim platform and reboarding ladder for a wide range of new accessory packages that expand the versatility of the FX line.

WaveRunner Reck Deck Jet Fish package

Explore JetFish RecDeck Packages

All New Feature

The FX JetFish Package includes an Engel 45 JetFish branded cooler, two rod holders, two RAM cupholders and tie-down straps. (FX RecDeck required)

WaveRunner RecDeck Lounge Package

Explore Lounge RecDeck Packages

All New Feature

Relax with this comfortable Lounge and Beach Package that pairs with the FX RecDeck Platform. Includes one lounge chair, two saddlebags, and required hardware. (Multi-use Rack required)

RecDeck Towsports Package

Explore RecDeck Towsports Package

All New Feature

Take your adventures to the next level with this Towsports package that includes a custom-designed tube, 12V pump, towrope, and bungee hold-down.

Boating Mag Reviews RecDeck

First Look
Boating magazine takes a first look at Yamaha’s new RecDeck and lifestyle packages, and puts them to test on the water.
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