Yamaha Certified Pre-Owned WaveRunners

Endless Fun Outstanding Reliability

An industry leader in durability, resale value and reliability, Yamaha is proud to launch the first Certified Pre-Owned Program in the personal watercraft industry. Owning a Yamaha WaveRunner has never been easier with special financing, a 35 point inspection on every unit and a one year warranty - all from the most reliable brand in the industry. Certified Pre-Owned is only available from Yamaha.

35 Point Inspection

In order to achieve Certified Pre-Owned status, every WaveRunner is required to pass a rigid 35-point inspection performed by a skilled, Yamaha-trained WaterCraft technician. From above the waterline and below, to the engine, hull and deck, no detail is overlooked. This solid protection plan ensures peak performance, keeping you riding worry-free season after season.

  1. Change oil and filter with Yamalube and Genuine Yamaha filter
  2. Inspect oil for signs of water ingestion
  3. Complete compression test
  4. Perform cylinder drop test
  1. Verify meter
  2. Check motor mounts
  3. Check air filter
  4. Check fuel system
  5. Inspect for water intrusion, debris or phase separation
  1. Check fuel hoses for cracks or damage
  2. Check fuel cap and seal
  3. Check fuel and hull ventilation
  4. Check cooling hoses
  5. Verify cooling functions
  1. Check and service battery
  2. Check bilge pump operation
  1. Check all gauges
  1. Check that Security Key Fob works
  1. Hull and deck meet Yamaha standards
  2. Check drain plugs for proper operation
  3. Check fire extinguisher band/holder
  1. Check all latches on hood and storage compartment
  2. Seat cover is in good condition
  3. Verify sponsons are not damage and fasteners are tight
  4. Check bumpers and gunwale
  1. Check intake grate
  2. Check that the boarding step functions properly
  3. Check for peeling footwell mats
  1. Basic controls function during test ride
  1. Impeller inspection
  2. Inspect clearance of jet pump liner
  1. Check condition of jet pump bearings
  2. Check jet pump for corrosion and marine organism buildup
  1. Intermediate bearing housing greased
  1. Test Run is used to check the following items; top speed, reverse, throttle operation, all gauges and meters, steering assist, quick trim, idle, No Wake Mode and Cruise Assist. Check for loose grips and peeling foot well pads. Check for operation of visibility spout. Check for fuel, oil or water leaks.

Certified Pre-Owned

Yamaha WaveRunners leave the factory with the best warranty coverage in the industry. Now, Yamaha's Certified Pre-Owned Limited Warranty gives used WaveRunner owners a new level of confidence, never before available for pre-owned watercraft. These superior pre-owned WaveRunners also qualify for special financing offers.

Built To Last

The number one choice of renters worldwide, Yamaha WaveRunners are precision engineered to withstand the rigorous demands of everyday use on the water. Other manufacturers can’t compete with the reliability of a Yamaha and when you add the extra peace of mind associated with the Certified Pre-Owned distinction, it’s easy to understand that Yamaha offers everything you want - and need - in a personal watercraft.